Therapy Options

Modalities such as heat, paraffin, contrast baths, ultrasound, interX and dry needling

Neuromuscular re-education, mirror therapy, sensory re-training and desensitisation techniques

Manual therapy including soft tissue and joint mobilisation, scar management and oedema control

Post-surgical wound care and dressing changes

Recommendations for assistive or adaptive devices
Orthotic fabrication of static, dynamic and static-progressive splints
Serial casting and CMMS (casting motion to mobilise stiffness)
Work-site and Home Assessments

Exos bracing and fibreglass fracture casting (waterproof & removable)

Education in joint protection and activity modification, correction of joint imbalances, and prevention of joint deformities
Therapeutic exercises, upper limb strengthening, re-balancing, joint proprioception and conditioning exercises

Education in posture and ergonomics, recommendations for modifying the work station and daily activities