No, but most of our clients have been seen by a Doctor first.
Yes, in nearly all cases. There will be a variable gap depending on your fund and the services you need. We have HICAPS, bring your fund card, a Master, Visa or Eftpos card or cash.
Medicare does not pay for therapy UNLESS you are referred by your GP with a “Team Care Plan” this will only apply to some individuals, please discuss with your GP first. There will be a gap fee with a Team care plan.
Yes, with a valid GP’s referral, no gap fee.
Yes, with a valid referral and current certificate, no gap fee. We also conduct worksite assessments and return to work programmes.
X-rays, imaging reports, notes, referral letters are all helpful. Wear loose upper body clothing or something suitable for the arm to be exposed. If the condition is painful you can take something for pain 15 minutes before your appointment.
Minimum consultation time is 30 minutes, check when booking. Treatment duration depends on your condition and improvements made, we do not have continuous “maintenance therapy”.
Sometimes we splint or care for wounds and oedema (swelling) in the lower limbs.