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Hand Therapy is a specialty therapy for the hand and arm used by further trained Occupational Therapists or Physiotherapists.

The end result of accurate assessment and treatment by a Hand Therapist is a shorter treatment time. The hand therapist’s specialised training and clinical expertise provides a quick identification of pathology and complex problems of the hand and arm. This translates into immediate care and the most effective forms of treatment, resulting in a faster recovery or rehabilitation, and a decrease in long term medical costs.

At Sunshine Coast Hand Therapy, we are Hand Therapists and Occupational Therapists. We welcome referrals from G.P’s, Specialists, worker’s compensation, DVA, insurance companies and self referrals.

Katie Whittle, Principal, is an accredited Occupational and Certified Hand Therapist. All Sunshine Coast Hand Therapists are members of the Australian Hand Therapy Association


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